Our Mission

The Agni Foundation’s mission expands its decade-long work in teaching dance and producing dance and Bollywood theatrical productions to now also include live music (classical Indian style to Indian Rock) and film, through new and established partnerships. In addition, the Agni Foundation seeks to create a Community Performance Fund for the purpose of providing a stipend to professional and semi-professional performers who perform for free at community events. The Community Performance Fund will be financed from charitable contributions from private donors.

Our Philisophy

Agni was originally founded in 2007 and has been serving the Austin Creative Community at large for the last 15 years as Primary South Asian Performing Arts Organization. Agni Foundation for the Arts is a multi-disciplinary expansion of the same founded in 2018 with the mission to educate and empower children and adults in South Asian arts and culture, through teaching, multi-disciplinary performances, festivals and the employment of local artists. Agni Foundation’s vision is a diverse Central Texas community of students, teachers, performers, participants, film-makers and audience members inspired by and engaged with the vibrancy of South Asian culture. “Agni” is the Sanskrit word for “fire,” capturing the organization’s intention to spread the vitality of South Asian dance, music and experience to diverse audiences.

Our Values

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